COCCO英会話 香里園校    map_kourien01
Direction to COCCO English School
[Korien office]

グレースガーデン香里 B-1
11-12, KoriHondori-cho, Neyagawa-city, Osaka
Grace Garden Kori, the B1 floor

TEL (072) 831-7711


ph_kouri_access_01 access_ic_1 ph_kouri_access_02

Turn right after passing the `Kaisatsu` at Korien station.


Passing by the escalator on your left, you go all the way straight to the end.

ph_kouri_access_03 access_ic_1 ph_kouri_access_04

Turn right at the end.

 access_ic_2 【4】歩行者用信号を渡る

Cross the street at the stoplight.

ph_kouri_access_05 access_ic_1 ph_kouri_access_06

Go straight up the hill.


Go straight.

ph_kouri_access_07 access_ic_1 ph_kouri_access_08

Go along the street curving to the right and then after hitting the big road, turn right and walk up about 10 meters.


The school is on your left, on the B1 of the four stories white building.

   Take the East exit of Korien station, Keihan line.(Frest supermarket, Koarimachi mall,
Tower apartment, which are the side of being under construction on the map.)

   Cross the street and go into the street between Macdonald and beauty salon named LIZ.

   Go up along the street curving to the left and the right about 3-4 minutes.

   Hit the road buses are running and the school will be cross the street from there,
the B1 floor of four-stories white building
(Across the street from a drug store named Yamamoto-Yakkyoku).