Learn Japanese while experiencing Japanese culture

Welcome to COCCO English! We offer Japanese language lessons for foreigners living in Japan and for people abroad.

Our lessons are also available online via ZOOM, so you can take lessons no matter which part of the world you live in.

Even if you are busy with work or school, you can learn for as little as 50 minutes a day, making it ideal for those with limited time.

Instructors are non-Japanese who have lived in Japan for a long time and teach Japanese in English.

Beginning students who cannot speak Japanese at all can also learn with ease.

In addition, the enrollment fee is currently 0 yen due to the new school opening campaign, so please feel free to apply.

For tuition, you can choose between monthly fee-based and ket-course options.

Why don’t you take effective and fun Japanese lessons at COCCO English?

We will do our best to support your Japanese language learning.

入会金   ¥11,000 →¥0(during campaign)
教材費   actual expense
月謝制   Fixed time
4 lessons/month 18,800 Yen  
8 lessons/month 36,800 Yen
4 lessons/month 26,800 Yen  
8 lessons/month 52,800 Yen
Free system
4 lessons/month 20,800 Yen 
8 lessons/month 40,800 Yen
4 lessons/month ¥28,800 
8 lessons/month 56,800 Yen
日時   【Umeda School】 Tuesday ~ Friday 10:00 -22:00  
      Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 10:00-19:00
【Korien School】Tuesday~Sunday 10:00-21:00
     Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 10:00-19:00
内容   Daily conversation Travel conversation Business conversation Japanese Language Proficiency Test
体験レッスン   ■30min   お申し込みはこちら

Enjoy communicating in Japanese!