COCCO英会話 梅田店
 Direction to COCCO English School [Umeda office]
 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Taiyuji-cho 1-10 shokei building 2F





Go out from the ticket gate of the East exit and turn right. After that go outside and turn left.



 Cross the cross work towards Hankyu Department Store.



Wark atraight seeing Hankyu Depertment store on your right and turn right following Hankyu Department store building.



Next turn left before the escalator which goes down to the underground.



Go straight and you’ll get to the crosswalk in front of Navio building.



Cross the crosswalk and walk straight on the Higashiroori Arcade. 




   After that cross the Shinmidousuji street and continue walking straight on the higashidoori Arcade.



 Go to end of the Arcade and turn right.



    Walk about 30 meters.



 Cross the Ougimachi street and go straight.



   Turn left at the first traffic light at the intersection.